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The Digital Status Report

Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for your Organization


The Digital Status Report

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Digital Transformation is top priority. Your organization needs to strengthen the vision, set the strategic direction and to create the needed competencies.

It is your responsibility as a leader, and you need a digital status report that guides and creates the framework for the journey ahead - company, employees, products and customers.

What do you get?

  • An analysis of your company's digital setup, maturity and readiness

  • Inspirational presentations for your employees and stakeholders and on-site interviews

  • A full-day workshop with stakeholders

  • A digital status report with recommendation about next steps and a roadmap for your organisations digital transformation


Introductory questionary that maps out your digital setup, maturity and readiness (two weeks before workshop)

Inspirational presentation about digital trends and transformation - customized to your company and industry. Subsequently on-site interviews with key stakeholders (one day on-site)

Full-day workshop with key stakeholders - we discuss focus (one day on-site)

A digital status report with recommendation about next steps and a roadmap for your organisations digital transformation


5.000€ excl. vat + travel expenses


To days on site in your organization, with inspirational presentations, interviews and a full-day stakeholder workshop

The Digital Status Report is delivered as PDF in high print quality

More information

  • What is included on the introductory analysis?

    A questionary and on-site interviews that map out your organizations digital setup, maturity and readiness. Starting points:

    • - Digital leadership
    • - Functional overview - organisational structure, responsibilities and mandate related to the digital transformation process
    • - New ways of working
    • - New competencies for driving the transformational agenda
    • - Governance structures that take into account agile decision processes
    • - The ability to handle two-way technology between operational IT processes and experimental innovation
    • - Readiness for open collaboration with external ecosystems like startups and accelerators

  • What is included in the workshop?

    A full-day workshop with key stakeholders, where we together create the framework for your company’s vision and roadmap for the digital transformation process. Starting point is people, processes and tools. Vi discuss the focus areas after the initial questionary.

  • What is included in the report?

      Analysis of your organisation's digital setup, maturity and readiness, based on key stakeholders respons from questionaries and on-site interviews

      Analysis of the organisation’s digital focus areas, segmented in:

    • - change in customer relations
    • - transformation of products and services
    • - optimization of operations
    • - empowerment of employees

    • Recommendations on next steps and initiatives

      Vision statement and roadmap for your organisations digital transformation process

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