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You don’t need a digital strategy. Just a strategy in a digital world


Digital Capabilities for Corporate Innovation

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What you get?

  • Understand the dynamics of digitalization, new approaches to innovation and the impact of industry transformation
  • Take the first steps to enable your organization to listen, adapt, experiment and execute better than your competitors
  • Develop your digital compass and build strong networking skills with a digital focus
  • Understand the power of ecosystems for innovation and learn how to get started

The Content

Your Innovation Capabilities and Maturity (60 min)

We walk through your corporate innovation capabilities and maturity based on your key issues and questions. I share my first take on how you can strengthen your capabilities to innovate and scale up, build strong digital capabilities and pursue new opportunities based on merging industries.

Your Digital Compass (60 mins)

We tune into the digital areas that matter the most for your organization based on needs, threats, opportunities relevance and current position. We discuss the "front-end" as in social media, e-commerce and digital life and the "back-end" as in Internet of Things, AI, big data and robotics. Our goal is to provide an overview and share some simple suggestions on how your organization in general as well as the individuals in particular can get started - or take the next steps - with digital.

Your Network and Skills - exercise (60 mins)

We assess your network and skills with regards to the elements that are the most important for your work and career issues. A hint: digital should be a big part for this. We also discuss reverse mentoring and how this can impact your network and skill development.

New Metrics and KPI's (30 mins)

Today, metrics and KPI's need to focus on behaviors rather than outcomes. The question is how we develop them in this context. We discuss this.

How to Use LinkedIn for Corporate Innovation (75 mins)

Learn how to fully optimize the network effects and leverage on this digital platform in the context of corporate innovation. This includes how to:

  • assess the value of your LinkedIn network and make it even stronger
  • create better LinkedIn profiles for your specific innovation projects
  • identify and monitor partners for your innovation ecosystems
  • develop your personal brand as well as your corporate innovation image

Ecosystems for Innovation (60 mins)

Open innovation, external collaboration and ecosystems for innovation. Many names for an important paradigm shift for all industries and companies. We explore how this works based on these questions:

  • Why should your company innovate with external partners?
  • What business units / functions should do this? What projects?
  • Which external stakeholder groups are relevant for the projects?
  • Which channels and approaches should you use?
  • What role do digital capabilities play in this?

This is an exercise focused on how you start with ecosystem innovation, work through the above steps and get to the next actions.


We work together to create a 4-7 hour program based on these topics to fit your needs and interests.

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